Al Bielek's Faked Family Album

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Would the real Alexander Cameron please stand up?

The existence of Alexander Cameron III gave us strong motivation to search deeper into the background of this person. We had to find out why and how this Cameron was chosen to act as 'substitute' for a person which Bielek claimed to have been in his earlier life - that of Ed Cameron.
Because of the surname, it was quite obvious, that Duncan Cameron (if that is his real name) brought in this 'family' touch into Bielek's biography. With the real name of Alexander Cameron III and a photo of him, we now proceeded to follow this lead. Following our request we received additional material from Princeton University. On May 21, 2001, we received photocopies of some interesting documents by mail forwarded from Mrs. Kate Holland of the Alumni Records Office, Princeton University ( A copied page of "The Freshman Herald" showed the same picture of Alexander Cameron III, and had more content to his biographical background. A. Cameron, was born September 15, 1912 at "The Peak" in Wernersville, PA. From the "Fifth Year Herald" of 1941, we learned, that Alexander Cameron III had become a yarn salesman and lived at Greenfields, R.D. 2, Reading, PA. He was married to one Rosemary B. Hoff in June 1936 and had to kids, Rosalie Haxall Cameron and Alexander Cameron IV.

A. Cameron
Taken from
From Fifth Year
Herald, Princeton
From Freshman
Herald, Princeton
Cameron Biography,
Alex IV was contacted and told that we wished to discuss his father with him because of a possible public misrepresentation going on with his father's name. A special email account was created where all of the photographs and information that our team had assembled up to that point was contained. Then, he was contacted again, by phone, and with his permission, a tape recorded conversation proceeded where the information about his father and his family was revealed, information that completely contradicts everything that Al Bielek has ever said about Edward Cameron, the very same man that claims he used to be "A. Cameron" in the Princeton photo, who we know now to be Alex Cameron III.

Among the real facts that Alex IV revealed about his family: His grandfather, (who according to Bielek would have been Alexander Duncan Cameron) was never in the Navy. His own father, Alex III, was never in the Navy either nor any other military service due to having polio. His father never lived on Long Island, his family has always lived in the Pennsylvania area, Alex III did have a brother who died as a child in a swimming accident. Alex IV had never heard of Al Bielek, Preston Nichols or Duncan Cameron nor had he ever heard of the Philadelphia Experiment or Montauk Project.

All of these statements he made prior to being told anything about the details behind the nature of our inquirey. In other words, the interview was not "contaminated" with leading questions or clues. During part of the interview he was directed to go to the email account and open it and verify the photos inside. He did verify that all of the photos of Alex Cameron III were in fact his father. He was then instructed to go to the web site of Al Bielek. Once there, he went to the page for Edward Cameron and indentified that in fact, the photo of "A. Cameron" was indeed his father Alex Cameron III.

"Oh my God, there's my dad."

He was then asked to identify the photos of Alexander Duncan Cameron and he couldn't. Not only did he declare that that man was not his grandfather, but that he had never seen him before. He was then informed of all the sordid details behind what had been going on, using the photo of his father as part of the Bielek PX/Montauk hybrid. He was in shock. When informed that if he wanted to sue, we would offer him the full weight of the evidence we had acquired during our investigation as well as testify, he declined, stating that the story was "so wild" and not true that he wasn't worried about it. He did however, give us full permission to use his name, recording and his father's images to set the record straight. The last thing he said on the matter was, "I think poor Al has smoked one too many".

Some other information came to us by the Genforum of the internet site This forum is to support the search for ancestors, and we posted a request for information about Alexander Duncan Cameron of Bay Shore, NY. The initial request listed the information about the Cameron's as presented by Al Bielek's web site. we received some interesting responses, which indicated quite clear to us, that Bielek had used the biographical data on another person not involved in the Philadelphia Experiment or the Montauk Project to 'outfit' his stories. These are two screen shots of the most interesting replies that we received:


Reply by H. Van Pelt

Reply by M. Long

With that information on hand, we were now able to find the granddaughter of this Alexander Cameron III. Eventually we relayed to her the claims that Al Bielek had made about her grandfather.

The granddaughter of Alexander Duncan Cameron speaks

The name of this lady is M. Long, her full name and her current email address are known to our team, but for reasons of privacy protection, we will not post her address here.
In an email from October 2001, the granddaughter of Alexander Duncan Cameron gave this response to our small group of investigators:

"My grandfather, Alexander Duncan Cameron was born and grew up in Babylon, LI, NY. About 1910 or so he married my grandmother, Evelyn Hollins Nicholas. They had two children, a son, Alexander Duncan Arnold born 1912 and my mother Evelyn Stuart Arnold in 1914. Just for your information, my grandfather was adopted by his Aunt, Annie S. Arnold of the Arnold Constable Department Store - NYC, and that's why my uncle and mother have the last name of Arnold. He soon removed himself from this marriage and moved West. I have found him on the 1917 Civilian Draft Registration Rolls in Biose, Idaho. After a few years he returned to Bayshore, LI where he lived until 1961 when he moved to Florida. From Florida he moved to Cape Hattaras, North Carolina in about 1970. He was married 6 times. I can name all the wives with the exception of the second. He was a frequent visitor in our household and was never "missing". His son, Alexander Duncan Arnold went to private school in NY and then to college at NYU. He also has never been "missing". When his Aunt died, he changed his name from Arnold back to Cameron, his birth name. I am in the process of researching his mother's side of the family. His material side were Carll's and Snedecor's from Long Island. He has two other known children by a wife other than my grandmother. These children are about 53 and 50. A boy and a girl. This son has the name of Alexander Cameron. I do not think his middle name is Duncan.

As for the pictures on the Bielek page; The photograph of Alexander Duncan Cameron on the top of the page is definitely my grandfather. The photo on to the left, indeed looks as he must have as a younger man. I do not recognize any of the others." "The importance of this information cannot be underestimated. From the statement of M. Long, who is related to Alexander Duncan Cameron but not to "A. Cameron", to that of Alex Cameron IV who is the son of "A. Cameron" but not related to Alexander Duncan Cameron or M. Long, the truth is clear for the first time. Al Bielek has stolen the identity of Alex Cameron III and claimed that he was Edward Cameron. Since Bielek's only proof of the existence of Edward Cameron is a form of identity theft and a fraud, it is obvious that there never was such a person. According to M. Long, the life at Aunt Arnold's mansion was actually lived by Alexander Duncan Cameron, whose last name at that time was changed to Arnold. So there were never any brothers Cameron, Edward and Duncan, living together at the "Big House" in comfort and privilege. That was a fantasy concocted by Bielek and Duncan Cameron, the same and only Duncan Cameron whose photo is in the Montauk book and on Bielek's website. It is interesting to note that for a time now, a rumour has circulated that Duncan, who no longer lectures in public, has denounced the Montauk saga.

Alexander Duncan Cameron and the University of Edinburgh

"Al Bielek claimed repeatedly, that his brother Alexander Duncan Cameron went to Scotland, to the University of Edinburgh, and while there he received his Ph.D. in summer of 1939. We already knew that Bielek's claims about his own education were falsified and so we now looked deeper into the educational background of his brother. Requests were sent by the authors to the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (which sometimes is referred to as University of Edinborough. In fact, there is an University of Edinborough, but it is located in Pennsylvania, USA) to verify the claims of Al Bielek about his brother Duncan Cameron. The answer we received was again what we were anticipating. Edinburgh could not confirm, that any person with the name Alexander Duncan Cameron ever graduated from the university in the years that Bielek claims his brother was there. So for the university parts of both Bielek and his half-brother Duncan Cameron, the claims stated on Al Bielek's web page are not supported by our research and appear to be false.

Al Bielek and his brother joined the US Navy

"Concerning the military involvement of Al Bielek and his brother, Bielek claims that he and his brother both enlisted in the US Navy as Lt. (Junior Grade) in September 1939, and that both attended a 90-day training school at Providence, Rhode Island. They became what is known among WW II vets as 90-day-wonder,which meant that they underwent a very compressed and rapid training covering all basic knowledge and skills of a future US Navy officer, which would normally take some months longer. This kind of rapid training was needed to cope with the lack of trained personal within the officers corps of the US Navy in 1940.

Contact was made with Brown University.We inquired, according to official historical sources, where the only place on Rhode Island that the military training for those 90-day-wonders could have been conducted. Brown University wrote back, that the first officers training course was not conducted before fall 1940, which again portrays Bielek's claim as bunk.

Request Pertaining to
Military Records
National Archives
Reply March 15, 2001
 Allegedly Bielek and his half-brother were then sent to the Institute for Advance Studies that was located adjacent to Princeton University.

Next Bielek claims that he and his half-brother were sent onboard the USS Pennsylvania and were with the ship for the most of 1941. Three requests were sent to National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO, one for each of the Cameron brothers and their father, but the answer came back that even with the date of birth and the full name of Ed Cameron in addition to other details like the tour of duty, no personnel records of him or his brother or father could be located.

BB38 USS Pennsylvania

The Final Briefing on board of the USS Eldridge

"Another photograph very much in doubt can be found on the web page "The Life of Ed Cameron" . Next to the description "Final briefing inside the USS Eldridge August 9, 1943 we read: Lecturer - A. Yaglu, Don Thor, Oscar Schneider, Lawrence Schmidt (Maxon Electronics Corp.), Morris Hablagnian, Dr. Vannevar Bush." A 'ready room' onboard the USS Eldridge is shown. Allegedly this picture was taken on August 9, 1943 and shows the test crew of the USS Eldridge inside the ship, assembled for a briefing.

 We sent this picture to some people, who would be able to distinguish what the insides of this class of ship looked like. Nobody else could this do better than these people who actually take care of one of the last three remaining Destroyer Escort vessels of the Cannon Class that is left in the USA. In Albany, N.Y. you can still locate the USS Slater (DE 766), now preserved as a wartime memorial, which is open to public visits. Mr. Tim Rizzuto, who is taking care about the ship, received that photo from Bielek's web site from me and with that photo in his hands he walked through the whole ship [the Slater] from bow to stern, and couldn't find a room, which in any way matches the room shown on the photograph either by size, shape or fittings. Have a look yourself, the people of the Slater provide an Electronic Tour through their ship. The biggest rooms are the Ward Room and the Crew Mess, which are still much smaller than the room shown on the photograph 'The Final Briefing'. To get additional opinions, I sent the photograph of the alleged test crew to two US navy vets, who were doing duty onboard a Destroyer Escort of the Cannon Class during WW II. Both took a look at the photograph and replied that it in no way was this photograph taken onboard a Cannon Class Destroyer Escort. Remember that the USS Eldridge was of this class.  
The Final Briefing ?
This is what a true expert says about that photo from Tim Rizzuto, ship restorer of the museum ship DE 766, USS Slater, Albany:

"No way was it taken on a DE. There is no space that big. I'd guess it's on a carrier or cruiser because of the size of the space and the false bulkhead particians. My guess is that it was taken in the sixties based on the fluorescent lights (modern) in the overhead, but the old RBO radio on the shelf in the bulkhead. It appears to be a messing or lounge space. Note that it is also a battle dressing station because the mounting brackets for surgical lights are in the overhead."

The Philadelphia Experiment Test Crew

A. Cameron
Taken from
"Graduating class which comprised
of the test crew for the
USS Eldridge 1942.
Note: Alexander Cameron
is in the front"
 This photograph, that features the older Alexander Duncan Cameron, is another piece of false evidence and, like the rest of it, holds a self defeating feature for Bielek once more - If Alexander Duncan Cameron was in the Coast Guard during WWII, why would he lead a Navy crew for the PX test? And if it was a Navy crew that was involved with the PX tests, why is this Coast Guard class, which doesn't have the Cameron brothers in it and is obviously under Alexander Cameron's charge, labeled as the Test Crew?

Any doubt, any last vestige of disbelief of this new set of circumstances should firmly be erased by the simple fact that, in the photo on the Bielek site of the Philadelphia Experiment Test Crew, neither of the Cameron brothers appear, and since we know who Bielek has identified as Edward Cameron, we should be able to easily pick him out from the group. He's not there.

Further, the only reliable source of first hand information on the PX, the man that was given the name of "Dr. Rinehart" to hide his identity, stated that the crew for the PX was handpicked and hardened volunteers from the Murmansk Run. The significance of this is lost on anyone who has no knowledge of WWII naval history, but the Murmansk Run was the brutal yet vital route that ran from Britain to Russia through the North Sea. A crucial supply route that was not only stalked by German subs but the only area where the German surface navy operated, and all those German ships used radar.

Members of our team have had personal experience with Murmansk Run survivors or their families, and all have indicated that gathering volunteers for a classified experiment that could develop a way to beat the German radars, and make that route safer, would have been easy amongst those sailors even if they were told it would be dangerous. Which is another critical portion of the PX mystery - the fact that it wasn't the commissioned crew that ran the PX test, but a skeleton crew of volunteers while the commissioned crew were housed in cabins prior to their taking control of the ship in late July.

Yet, according to Bielek, the Camerons were a major part of the goings on with the PX, even having been sent to a special school to learn first hand from John von Neumann how physics "really works". But every piece of evidence that Bielek has presented to support his story fails, once it is scrutinized on even a cursory level, its credibility vanishing into a wispy fog as surely as they say the USS Eldridge did.

* * *