Al Bielek and MUFON

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Al Bielek's famous MUFON speech

On January 13, 1990, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of the USA held a meeting at the MUFON Metroplex in Dallas, TX. One of the speakers was an Al Bielek. He started his speech with these words:
"As announced, my name is Alfred Bielek, I am a survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment. I am going to ask before really starting: Out of the people who are here, how many of you really know what the Philadelphia Experiment, so called, was really all about?..."
Of course, at that time, which I'd like to call the pre-Bielek time, not many people were aware of that secret US Navy Experiment, which was conducted in 1943. And, of course most of the attendees were interested in UFO and government conspiracy related information. However, Bielek's speech of the 1990 MUFON conference has become a legend.

By September of 1989, Al Bielek had made his first step into the light when he was a guest speaker at Timothy Beckley Green's UFO - New Age Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, as an allegedly surviving crewman of the experimental ship. His story was quickly taken up by Beckley Green's "Inner Light Publications", which publishes Green's books, Brad Steiger and Commander X on UFOs, alien earth bases and secret government cover- ups. His claims were spread soon by rumors and turned out to be a good preparation for Bielek's main media coup, which occured in January 1990 at the MUFON Conference.

The main reference for this chapter is the transcript of Al Bielek's famous MUFON speech, which he held at the MUFON Metroplex on Saturday, January 13, 1990 in Dallas, Texas. The file was originally contributed by Clay Tippen as he transcribed it on October 12, 1991.
This is the first and most complete version of Al Bielek's story and it refers to much detailed information about the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. Later interviews were more concentrated on the Montauk Project (see: interview conducted by Susanne Konicov from CONNECTING LINK, 1992), and we will see how Bielek changed some of the details throughout the years.

In his speech at the MUFON conference, Bielek ran through the background story of the Philadelphia Experiment, claiming, that it started back in 1931 or 32 in the Chicago area. According to Bielek, the main scientists involved in this early stage of development were Nikola Tesla, Dr. John Hutchinson and an Austrian scientist named Kirtenauer (the spelling of that name changed several times to Kurtenauer and Kurtnauer) About Kurtenauer's existence, Bielek was pretty sure, because in a later interview he stated, that he "traced him back" which means Bielek had found evidence of this person, which he (of course) never unveiled. We will come back to Kurtenauer in a separate chapter.

Then Bielek claimed, that the project was moved over to the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. This is when wellknown John von Neumann came into the game. Another scientist, who according to Bielek joined the project group in the late 30`s was Dr. Gustave Le Bon. As we will demonstrate this is another fabricated part of Bielek's story.

Next Bielek jumped into a discussion about a mysterious movie of the Philadelphia Experiment, which allegedly was produced by EMI Thorn Corporation in 1983, a movie that according to Bielek was suppressed by court order for the US market. This is not the first movie about the Philadelphia Experiment with actor Michael Parč, which is well known to the public. After the movie issue, Bielek described his former life when he lived with the identity of one Ed Cameron, born in 1916 to his father Mr. Alexander Duncan Cameron, Sr. This part of Al Bielek's story is the one which we can show has 'blatant lie' written all over it, as you will find in the chapter about Ed Cameron where we post what we uncovered about the real Cameron family.

A few chapters later, Bielek came to the details of the Philadelphia Experiment, which obviously were taken completely from the script of the first Philadelphia Experiment movie. Except, that in Bielek's version he and his brother were those sailors traveling through time and space.
After his detailed description about the Philadelphia Experiment and what went wrong, he put in some other subjects into his story, merged it with the appearance of some aliens. From here, the story becomes completely bogus. As we will outline in other sections of this report, Bielek had lied on several occasions and we can clearly show how he manipulated several versions of the story into his own sensational saga.

* * *