The Wingmakers Hoax

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The Wingmakers Hoax: More than proof of Bielek's delusions

by Marshall Barnes

Editors Note: We received a lengthy statement by Mark Hempel, owner of the web site This statement was commented by Marshall and is displayed below Marshall's article.

During the Coast To Coast interview, Al Bielek revealed some new information about the so-called "Wingmakers" that answered some questions I had had about their appearance on his website when it was created, as well as confirming that his condition as either delusional or being a pathological liar is far worse than I could have ever imagined.

For those of you who don't know anything about the Wingmakers I'll begin there. In late November of 1998 a series of emails were sent out asking people both in usenet newsgroups, and members of the UFO research community, if they were aware of a new website called . All the emails were sent out by a man calling himself Mark Hempel. For the UFO community the question was asked if they could look at it to determine if the site was a hoax or not. The impetus for asking such of the seasoned investigators was the mysterious nature behind how the Hempel was contacted to create the site and weird things that began to happen to his phone lines, etc after he had done so. Or so he claimed.

I have obtained a series of links from the website of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy or CAUS which document the unfolding of the WingMakers saga. I have placed them in what appears to be chronological order so that you may be able to take your own "time travel" trip and see things as they had originally happened, and not from hearsay.

November 27, 1998: A Very Provocative Website -- Fact or Fantasy?
This is the introduction of the existence of the Wingmakers website to the members of CAUS, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy.

November 28, 1998: Wingmakers--The Plot Thickens -- Webmaster Speaks
This is where an email from Mark Hempel, at that time claiming to have been hired to create the site, is wondering if there's something going on besides just interesting art. Notice how he claims that he suspects involvement by intelligence agencies, etc.

November 28, 1998: Wingmakers Update -- Music
Here is a brief commentary on the subject of the music at the site.
(Note: The link to shown on this web page is no longer available)

November 28, 1998: WingMakers Update...More Evidence of Marketing Ploy
By this time everyone is suspecting that the website is a hoax meant to market an entertainment concept.

November 28, 1998: WingMakers Update -- Jury's Verdict -- It is a Marketing Ploy
Here the decision has been made - it's a hoax! Note also that Hempel uses the term "immersive" to describe the concept behind the website. The immersive media concept is one of a number of things that the WingMakers site shares with another hoax, the Incunabula website and its owner Joseph Matheny who has a company called iMMersion New Media, Inc.

November 30, 1998: 98 WingMakers -- An Experiment ?
Now another possible motive for the site is considered - that it seeks out certain people who may have specific responses to the music and art there. By this time anyone familiar with the manipulations both implied and admitted to by those promoting the Incunabula and Ong's Hat stories can see the similarities. Also, the claimed intent of the Montauk book series, as a way to open up people's channels of consciousness that are suppressed by society, makes this hoax a perfect continuation of the said concept, as promoted by Vince Babarick of Sky Books, AKA Peter Moon. As we will see, eventually it would be incorporated into his sphere of influence.

December 2, 1998: WingMakers' Webmaster -- Mark Hempel's Posting
In this post Hempel is alleged to have revealed in a video art newsgroup that his web site is in fact an entertainment concept.
(Note: Mark Hempel's posting can be read here: )

December 2, 19 98: WingMakers & Soulfood -- Food of the Future or Food for Thought
Here CAUS has found the connection between the Soulfood music project and the WingMakers project.

and finally this: The Wingmaker's Hoax Revisited
Bernard Roy writes:
Where Roy expounds on his views about how people easily are fooled by hoaxes like WingMakers.

Below is a howl of protest as the original text of the WingMakers site is changed after it becomes co-opted, I believed, by individuals connected with Vince Barbarick.

Vince Barbarick, by this time, had seen the potential for Sky Books to become the central clearing house for all things time travel and transdimensional as quoted from their website:

"Sky Books, the publisher of the Montauk series and Ong's Hat, exists to serve the growing demand for literature on the topics of time travel and interdimensional realities."

However, in the Ong's Hat book that he wrote with Joe Matheny, Barbarick expresses suspicions of the WingMakers site due in part to the amazing synchronicities between it and other things that he has been involved with. He mentions that his suspicions were heightened when a certain well known speaker on the UFO circuit added their link to his website and claimed that Incunabula meant "den of vipers". I know that that person was Al Bielek. There is currently no mention of the Wingmakers at the Sky Books site, though there is at Alexandra Chica Bruce's site: as one of the links listed there. Bruce's book, "The Philadelphia Experiment Murder" is published by Sky Books. At this point one can never be certain of the truth when dealing with information coming from the dim rubik of Sky Books.

Bielek embraced the story after everyone else in the UFO field knew better. Here is the time line from Bielek's website, from 1999 and the page where the first reference to the WingMakers website is made: (see box on right, last item down)

(this was obtained from an link from 2000, but it's the same as the one from 1999). Bielek there claims for the first time to have met the WingMakers (remember he has NEVER mentioned such a thing until then, a year after they made their debut on the web) in the year 2749! Yet, Bielek is right there working it into his own story. He never even bothered to check the background of the issue, he just plows right in, making it up as he goes along, thinking that no one will ever bother to check up on the facts and hold him accountable.

"I'd be curious to know what you think. I assume you've seen hoaxes before similar to this, and I guess I'd just like to know if I should shut the site down and totally get uninvolved, or stick to my agreement with the client "Anne". I did make a CD of the music from the 24-bit files they sent me. That's my favorite part of the whole thing. You should hear the quality of the sound. It's unbelievable. It's the one part that makes me think there may be some truth to the whole thing. The writings themselves go over my head."

The above commentary from Mark Hempel is so similar to the way that Joseph Matheny promoted the Incunabula hoax on the internet that the comparison must be made. Matheny's M.O. was to always present the material as if he had nothing to do with it and then, instead of giving his own opinion as someone who had supposedly researched the thing as he claimed, he would always ask people what they thought. "Curious" was a word that he always used. The other thing that Hempel says that reminds me of Matheny is the comment about the "writings" being over his "head". Likewise, Matheny downplayed the hard sciences role of the Incunabula and Ong's Hat material, instead concentrating on the philosophical aspects. Here Hempel is raving about the music from the project, ignoring the technological claims of the Wingmakers "Blank Slate" time travel method. It's also worth noting that both Hempel and Matheny have a background working in the computer and IT industry. Eventually Matheny admitted that the whole Incunabula/Ong's Hat thing was a hoax concocted by himself, Peter Lamborn Wilson and Nick Herbert - and of course we see the now familiar motives of hoaxing to accomplish some "so-called" higher purpose or reveal some other "truth" which is too myopic, esoteric, illuminated, snobbish, ridiculous or whatever, to just be told in plain english in a straight forward manner.

Personally I knew the WingMakers story was a hoax after I read the interview with the so-called Dr. Anderson and listened to some of the music. As a musician/producer who has invented new music technologies and received recognition for such efforts by Casio, Inc, I recognized immediately that what was being offered up as highly sophisticated music from the distant future wasn't even as imaginative or technically sophisticated as the early works of Isao Tomita or say the 2nd side of Todd Rundgren's "Initiation" album from the 70s. Don't just take my word for it, have a listen yourselves - here is a page of Tomita sound clips that sound much more like they were created by a distant, futuristic society than the earthy, new age sounds from the Wingmakers site.

Unlike Hempel, the writings were not only *not* over my head, but located somewhere along the lines of what I saw and read in junior high school. The idea of "Blank Slate Technology" as the method of time travel was obviously another sci-fi hoax, in fact the Montauk version of time travel is closer to the truth than Wingmakers! "Blank Slate" was the term that Dr. Anderson used to describe the type of time travel whereby only major events in the past can be travelled to. Here's a quote from 1999 version of the website from one of the alleged researchers:

"Having decoded most of the text contained on the optical disc, we have concluded that if their intentions are hostile, WingMakers could, at their complete discretion, time-travel to any of our military installations and deliver a fatal blow to national security. Their signature technology appears to be time-travel, not weapons of mass destruction, and as we all know, there is no imagined technology more advanced than interactive time-travel."

This is ridiculous because any time travel must involve parallel universes. So going back in time to attack a military installation would only have an effect on that time line or universe in the past and not us here now. As I demonstrated on the page on Larry James here at this site, the quantum mechanics for time travel demand such a result, and there are plenty of Ph.Ds in physics who would agree. To be more exact, here is the statement from the so-called "Dr. Anderson" first discussing Blank Slate Technology time travel:

Dr. Anderson:
"No one is absolutely sure. And his reasons may have changed over time. The accepted purpose was to develop Blank Slate Technology or BST. BST is a form of time travel that enables the re-write of history at what are called intervention points. Intervention points are the causal energy centers that create a major event like the break-up of the Soviet Union or the NASA space program."

Let's look at what he just said. BST is supposed to enable the "re-write" of history at so called "intervention points" which are supposed to be "causal energy centers" that create major events. This is clearly written for a New Age type audience and not spoken like a scientist would. To interpret a bit, a causal energy center would actually be what is called a "catastrophe", which in math and science means the point where a sudden change in a system is manifested. When a spinning top finally loses momentum and begins to wobble, that final point where the momentum drops below the required threshold is called a catastrophe
(see ).
So what Anderson is saying is that BST allows you to go back to a catastrophic point in history so that you can alter or "rewrite" it. Again, this would have no effect on the time line that the time traveler originated from. History would be safe.

"BST is the most advanced technology and clearly anyone who is in possession of BST, can defend themselves against any aggressor."

Well actually this is wrong too. If those with BST are surprised by the aggressor and destroyed, they can't use it to go back and stop the aggressor, even if time travel worked the way they say. Which it doesn't. This is what I call the "Terminator" scenario, where the machines in the future send a robotic assassin back in time to kill the hero of the humans before he is born. "It is, as Fifteen was fond of saying, the freedom key. Remember that the ACIO was the primary interface with extraterrestrial technologies and how to adapt them into mainstream society as well as military applications. We were exposed to ETs and knew of their agenda. Some of these ETs scared the hell out of the ACIO."

This of course sounds like much of the wild alien stories that we've heard from Preston Nichols, Al Bielek, and others. Placing this information into the story only serves to blend it more effectively into the current mainstream of UFO paranoia, or at least that was the intention originally. Remember, it was members of the UFO community who were originally contacted about this website, not members of a physics news group despite the fact that the veracity of Blank Slate Technology and its use is a physics question.

We also have evidence of another pattern - the "myth making" pattern. This is seen here in the context of the following link which is part of the "revised" version and clearly aimed at creating some kind of cult:

We have witnessed this same twisted logic in the emails and message board posts of our detractors. It goes like "So what Bielek lied. Why don't you leave him alone?", or "The only reason you're attacking Bielek is you can't make up you're own story!" Hmmmm. The point comments like this are missing is that we're not here to "make-up" stories. There is no need to make-up stories as the real world contains enough real mystery and wonder on its own without concocting lies on the graves of heroes or wasting people's time with half-baked sci-fi physics just to try to hook 'em into some sociological consciousness experiment. Soon, new information will be revealed about the Philadelphia Experiment that will shock the critics and solidify it as a real event. All without the need of one word from the Bielek fiction which has done more to keep people from taking the event seriously than it ever has made people believe it. I myself was shocked at how many have privately admitted to me that they doubted the Bielek bunk all along but just didn't say anything.

And so it goes. Bielek and the WingMakers. It's more like Bozo and the WingFakers.

Reply by Mark Hempel

Note: Marshall's comments are displayed in green

From: "mark hempel"
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 19:17:52 -0600
Subject: Subject: Re: The WingMakers Hoax

For what it's worth, I have two things to say about this email and the attached link:

1. Al Bielek is not affiliated in any way to the website. His actions and words relative to the WingMakers materials are his own and carry absolutely no endorsement from the WingMakers site or its creator.

In no way did I insinuate that Al Bielek is associated with you or WingMakers, let alone make such a statement. In fact, it's from the information in the story that Bielek is shown to be a liar and is lying about his adventures with the so-called "WingMaker"s.

2. As is common in the UFO environment, the so-called "researchers" or "debunkers" feed on their own materials and not the source of the controversy. By this I mean the following, in five years I've only been approached directly by one researcher who made inquiries into the source of the WingMakers materials. This researcher wanted to know about James, the anonymous man who is credited for creating/translating all of these materials (books, essays, poetry, music, DVD, art, etc.). It continues to amaze me that "researchers" have their focus on the state of the site in 1998 rather than its more current information, especially since there has been dramatic new information released.

Perhaps the reason why they have their focus on the site as it was in 1998 is because that's when it was proven to be a hoax. If anyone wanted to know about "James" then it was clearly someone who was ignorant of how the came into being and how the UFO community was originally contacted about it. Otherwise, what's the point? The website was fake then but it's not fake now? Commenting on the content of all the so-called "books, essays, poetry, music, etc." would be a waste of time since t he entire collection is less than compelling and only impresses those open to such mind games as 5/5/2000, Planet X and other New Age catnip.

The WingMakers website is not about UFO and conspiracies, it never has been.

Not once did I make that claim in the report. Nonetheless, it was the UFO community that was initially contacted about it. Oh, and the video art community, to whom it was described as a new kind of "immersive" experience ready made as a pilot for TV. As for it not being about "conspiracies", who are you kidding. The whole story involves conspiracies, the conspiracy to keep the cave and its contents secret, the conspiracy to try to use the BST (b*llsh*t technology) to affect the future, and on and on. T he initial creation was a conspiracy, the secretive art group contacting you to create the site and then all the mysterious phone tapping, etc that followed. Give me a break. The more you plead your case, the more disingenuous you appear.

People have been obsessed by these elements of the overall mythology of the WingMakers site and have completely lost sight of what it is really about. All of this is made quite clear in the Creator section of the WingMakers website and has been available to read for over 3 years now.

Since it's a hoax, what's the point of trying to understand what the "mythology" is "really about"? If people want to read it as an interesting myth, then so be it. I was simply pointing out how it's no more real than the fantasies of Al Bielek, who, in his never-ending spiral of creating a false life for himself, he took on as yet another facet.

I have had one meeting with James, shortly after Thanksgiving last year, and from my meeting he is not a quack or a man interested in hoaxes. He has an incredible understanding of new physics and the structure of the universe. He is meeting with scientists and is not someone who aspires to be in the limelight. His materials have expanded the belief systems of thousands of people based just on the number of emails I've received.

I'm nonplussed by all of this. The standards by which you are impressed by things, like the so-called WingMakers music, are below mine. Likewise what you may think is an "incredible understanding of new physics" is highly suspect since the information about the nature of BST and how it functions was so clearly fake as I pointed out in the article. If BST and the comments that "Dr. Anderson" made about its operation didn't strike you as false (that is if you didn't make all of this up on your own, as I believe) then anything that uses the right amount of buzz words in a dense enough arrangement of simple ideas, will impress you. I'm not interested. I also don't believe that "James" even exists, but that was not the focus of the article nor did I mention him and how much he resembles another character that pops up to impart mysterious information to another person from the net who's obsessed with creating bogus mythologies in an egostical attempt to get a point across.

Al Bielek is not someone I have met nor have I studied his writings so I cannot comment on him, but James I have worked with for nearly 5 years and I do know his writings and purpose, and for him I can vouch. I only wish the researchers would do their research and stop quoting information that is 5 years old and concentrate on the here and now. It only perpetuates confusion and does not do justice to the real purpose of the and materi als.

My article was not about as it has morphed since it's original launch. It was about how it was proved to be a hoax in the few following weeks after it was announced to the UFO community and how, despite that fact, Al Bielek incorporated it into his own personal fantasy life, much like he has other things which can be easily proved to be false, fake, corrupted and or stolen once they are carefully examined. Whatever has happened, to make a more all encompassing or sophisticated mythology, is of no interest to me nor was focus of the article. To the extent that there are references to the fact it was changed from its original form and the names and other data have been altered, was simply to indicate that said changes had occurred and had been met with outcries of the site being a hoax, once again.

Kind regards,


Mark Hempel
Web Manager

Gee, Mark. Am I to believe that this message really came from you? After all, it was a "Mark Hempel" that contacted the UFO community about this fascinating new web site he was asked to design called WingMakers, back in 1998, which you then simply *denied* ever having done.

Have fun playing with your "mythology".

Marshall Barnes

* * *